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Duel 2: The Duellenning

I got another message from my Mystery Hater this afternoon. I say “Mystery” sarcastically, since my friends found most of his personal information online within hours of my posting of his previous message.

This time it’s from the fake Facebook profile of:

John Rusty February 23 at 5:06pm  Report
Alright look man I waited outside brew-co for the whole damn comedy show caz the door guy started carding early as shit last night, like half an hour earlier than they usually do. around 7:30 or so and I’m 20 so I couldn’t get in. I waited from 8-12 across the street in my car just watching people coming in and out of the doors the and again buddy you weren’t there. And even if you had been there you probably would have jumped me with your buddies like a bitch, now that I think about it that would probably be a bad place for me to squabble. See this is bullshit caz I can’t even even get at you. The thing is I did challenge you to a “duel” But its not gonna happen if you don’t call or text me. I mean Jesus Christ dude it’s like I’ve gotten a call or a text from all your friends except for you. Your really being a punk about this. Paul I got no where to take this: I can’t find you, you won’t fb msg me and you won’t call me or shoot me a text. What your doing is bitching out. I, mean shit if you wanna run this then let me know, otherwise, it is what it is.

He still doesn’t know that 1. I don’t define my masculinity by how hard I punch someone, so I don’t really give a goshdarn if I’m “bitching out” 2. it’s against the law to send me these messages, stalk me for weeks, or, of course, punch me. And twenty minutes later it occurred to him to send me this: 

John Rusty 
February 23 at 5:26pm  Report
And you can go ahead and put that on your wall like the one. P.S. you might wanna keep your wall private. 

Oh god! He’s on to me! 


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